Just for Fun: Christmas Party Photo Comp

For our Christmas Party last year, Michelle & Laura took the Bizwize staff to the Swan Valley to taste the wares of local businesses. As part of our day out we included a team building exercise in which everyone who attended each got to stage and shoot one group photo throughout the day, representing the various venues we attended and the camaraderie we share. We had a lot of fun doing this in 2016 and 2017 was no different!

This year’s winning photo [above] was Laura’s brainchild. It was taken at Tyler Winery and included an old tractor we found on site. Last year the winner was Sarah’s boat photo taken at Knotting Hill Winery [below].  We used Facebook Messenger so our staff could see and comment on all the photos taken through the day and decide the winning photos. In 2016 we used one of our other photos on Facebook as a holiday greeting – you might remember us all jumping into the air at once, inspired by the Toyota ad.

Adding this little activity to our Christmas Party really brings the team together and gets us all using our creative brain for a bit. It is great fun and gives us all a good laugh, and sometimes makes for good marketing too – maybe you should hold one at your next business social!