Just for Fun: Meet Goofi!

written by our very own Director Michelle Marley, edited by Jasmine Ruscoe. ~WizeOwl

Travelling and having holidays is a great way to relax and come back to work refreshed and ready to go. This year, I spent an amazing 5 weeks touring Europe.  One of the most memorable parts of my trip was the day I spent in Venice.

My partner and I had both been to Venice a couple of times before, so we decided that this time we would travel to the other side of the Rialto to get away from the tourist areas. Here we walked through growers’ markets, found spice shops, paddled under bridges in a private gondola, and found this amazing Spock Owl.

We at Bizwize totally love this owl for two reasons: one, it is a funky variation on our Wize Owl mascot, and two, it is modeled after Spock from Star Trek, who we used as inspiration for our recent District32 SME speech. “Live long and prosper” in business is one of our driving principles.

When I purchased this owl I was also really pleased to find out that the brand name, ‘Goofi’, is actually Italian for ‘owl’! So now my Goofi Spock sits on my desk to remind me why we are in business…

To go on holidays!!