The Dressmaker

Once upon a time, there lived a fair maiden who owned a fine clothes shop. She had run her shop for a long time and had an unqualified bookkeeper doing her books. She thought her bookkeeper was amazing as every month, she would come in and do her work.

After some time, the bookkeeper decided to retire and so the fair maiden had to find another bookkeeper. She searched high and low for the perfect one and eventually found Bizwize Business Solutions. They came to the office the next day and waved their magic wand over the books, only to discover that not all was what it seemed. 

The bookkeeper had been hiding a terrible secrect... she actually had no controls in place that would ensure everything was right! All the accounts were in a terrible state.

The fair maiden began to cry, as she had no idea what to do. But the wizards from Bizwize comforted her. They helped her turn her books around. Now, the fair maiden's dress shop has books as fine as the clothes she makes. 

Remember, just because someone says your books are ok, doesn't mean they aren't hiding all sorts of terrible secrets.