What does your invoice say?

Invoicing best practises for a growing business.

Article created from a presentation by Michelle Marley of Bizwize Business Solutions at BNI Infinity Joondalup

How your invoice looks, when you send it and how you follow up your invoices all tells a story about your business.

  • Does your invoicing get delayed or miss your invoice date? - Your telling your clients that getting paid is not a priority to you.

  • Do you fail to remind clients of late payments? -  This encourages clients to take you for granted.

  • Following up too frequently can look like your stalking and desperate for money.

  • Hand written and unbranded invoices are outdated and shows your processes and business is not progressive or out of touch.

autopay features
customise your invoices
  • Autopay features with invoices that are accessible on a mobile phone improve the speed in which you get paid.

  • Asking for payment before a job is a great way to show the client the business is committed to the service they are offering, it also provides a level of confidence around the clients commitment to the service.

  • Branded invoices improve your reputation and brand awareness.

  • Manual invoicing processes are time consuming and can result in costly mistakes.

  • Online accounting software helps you automate parts of your invoicing process.

  • Integrated systems reduce errors and improves timeliness of invoices and payments.

integrate systems

Have a look at your suppliers invoices and think . . . what does this invoice say about them. Take a fresh look at your own invoices. . . do you need help in improving what your invoices say about your business?

Improve your business with better invoicing practises.

Here is an example of services that Bizwize provides to help improve invoicing processes and help grow your businesses.

  • Implement software like Practice Ignition, which we use in our business.  We send out a letter of engagement that once accepted also collects payments for services, whether that is an upfront fee or an ongoing monthly service fee.
  • Taking payment whether in advance or on completion needs to be simple and easy to achieve.  Xero invoices can be linked with Stripe to provide a “PAYNOW” button on invoices like you see when you receive some supplier invoices.  The easier it is to pay the quicker you will get paid.

  • Getting the invoicing right from the start is a testimonial to the level of service you will provide during the contract and builds trust and better  relationships.  Let Bizwize map your processes and provide you with the best options for your businesses online invoicing solutions.

  • If you have your corporate branding on your premises, your vehicles, your business cards and even on your shirt why isn’t it on your invoices?  Bizwize can help you add your branding to your invoices.

  • We can help small business get their brand into their processes by setting up and training your team in an easy to use invoicing systems.

  • Bizwize can help you customise your invoices to ensure they pop!  Although Xero’s standard invoices are ok you can also add a fully customised invoice, if your marketing agency has created a wonderful corporate branded letterhead why wouldn’t you incorporate that into your invoice.
  • Manual processes, paper, excel documents, carbonated forms are all going to cause issues in a business as it grows. Business Coaches, Accountants and anyone who uses lots of paper will benefit from Bizwize's assistance with automating systems & processes.

  • For car yards we recommend a system like Easy Cars, this is a fully integrated vehicle management system which reduces the number of times a vehicles details need to be entered.

  • There are a multitude of systems that integrate with MYOB / Xero that can be used across various industries. Bizwize can provide a scoping document that provides options and detailed comparison along with a recommendation of what software would suit.

Talk to us about your business invoicing requirements.