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Business Solutions & Bookkeeping

Our aim is to provide key financial bookkeeping and administrative assistance to local businesses who are growing and moving through their business journey. From small sole traders who need to track sales and expenses to medium sized companies and trusts, with payroll, invoicing, quoting, inventory, BAS reporting and a myriad of other back office support requirements. We are here to relieve the pressures of these necessary but time consuming tasks. By doing this we can empower business owners to realise success in their endeavors.

In addition to helping our clients with their business dreams, our business model is such that we engage local contract bookkeepers to support our business clients. Our business model is based on the placement of qualified home-grown bookkeepers. Our bookkeepers have a like minded vision of helping businesses and we spend time training and developing our bookkeepers skills and knowledge of various accounting solutions.

Utilising the Pure Bookkeeping system we ensure that all our bookkeepers provide service of exceptional quality.

Bizwize Business Solutions In house

For clients whose work is done in the Bizwize office we bill in 15 increments (The minimum only applies when work is performed). If there is no work, we do not bill you. Here is how it works:

First step is to get access to your Accounting Software and any supporting documents. Email communication, Dropbox access points or remote access logins can all be setup to support the off-site bookkeeping service.

Bizwize Business Solutions On Site

When we work in your office, we apply a two-hour billing minimum per site visit. For bookkeeping in your office outside of key locations there is an four-hour minimum plus travel time for some locations.

First step is to get access to your office and your systems. Keys, codes or cards we also coordinate with you to come at a time that suits your business needs.

Our customer service model is designed as an active feedback loop.
Listen - Review - Develop - Improve - Listen

Listen – we actively listen to customers, bookkeepers and associates in relation to ways we can better improve our services. Whether that is communication changes, processes improvements or advantages in relation to new technologies.

Review – as we identify areas of improvement we review this and determine a set of objectives and measures that we can use to determine the effectiveness of the change.

Develop – we develop our bookkeepers’ knowledge, process or policy, better ideas, taking into consideration anything that will improve our level of service and effectiveness.

Improve – these steps allow us to meet our goal of improving how we work, this is measured to ensure we are meeting the objectives of the change as identified within the review process.

– we then begin the cycle again talking and listening to clients about how effective the change has been and from here we can again move into the cycle if necessary.

We are committed to empowering our clients around their business needs. Continually up-skilling ourselves and our staff to enable us to develop and implement new systems to benefit our clients

The Pure Bookkeeping System© outlines processes for managing customer relations and supports our customer feedback loop.

We believe in customer service so much so that we include it in our letter of engagement:
- … phone calls returned within 24 hours.
- … timely and accurate financial information
- … we will actively seek referrals for your business.

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