Start growing your business & Stop wasting time on receipts.

Dext prepare with receipt bankReceipt Bank
Receipt Bank is now Dext Prepare, same great software with a new name.

Make your bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient with Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank

If you didn’t go into business to do paperwork. Let Dext Receipt Bank track, read and store your receipts and invoices on the go, so you can focus on what matters.
Bookkeeping more efficient with dext prepare

Simple, affordable pricing

No More Boxes of Receipts

Quick, Easy & Efficient

Secure Cloud Storage

No More Data Entry

Automated scanning of receipts, bills & invoice

Sync with your accounting package

MYOB, Quickbooks & Xero accounting integration

Share your data with your bookkeeper or accountant

Dext Receipt Bank Expert Assistance

Expert Assistance

Engage Bizwize Business Solutions for Receipt Bank setup, integration, training and support.
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Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank Integration with Quickbooks, MYOB & Xero

Get the most out of your Receipt Bank direct enter receipts and invoices for time saving and real time cash flow information.
Dext Receipt Bank Integrationwith Bizwize
bookkeeping software

Make gathering, storage & processing of expenses as easy as 1 2 3.

What is Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank?

Quickbooks & Receipt Bank Case Study

Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank Partner - Bizwize Business Solutions

Set up your Dext Receipt Bank easily and quickly with the assistance of a Receipt Bank partner.

Bizwize can help you map your existing processes and get the most out of your Dext Receipt Bank.

Friendly and knowledgeable Bizwize bookkeepers provide training and support for your new team members.

Setup, Optimisation, Support & Trainingwith Bizwize

Bizwize Services

  • Dext Receipt Bank Sign Up
  • Dext Receipt Bank Setup
  • Dext Receipt Bank Integration
  • Dext Receipt Bank Optimisation
  • Dext Receipt Bank Training
  • Dext Receipt Bank Support

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Bizwize Business Solutions is a Receipt Bank partner

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