Highly recommend their business & expertise

Ann Mackey

Around July last year I visited the office of Bizwize to see how they operated as I needed to get my bookkeeping all done for the financial year. Laura, explained everything in simple terms to me and laid out all the costs.  Just as I was leaving, Laura queried if my existing bookkeeper had got me onto JobKeeper; the answer to this was NO.  Laura went through what the requirements were and that I would be entitled to it.

Bizwize sorted out all the paperwork for JobKeeper (even was able to backdate a little), put me on to Xero and showed me how to use it as well as prepared my financial year end to hand over to my accountant. All of this was done professionally, efficiently and I could not be happier, hence the reason why I am still with them for all of my bookkeeping needs.  If it hadn’t been for Laura and Bizwize, I am not sure I would still be in business.  I would highly recommend their business and expertise to anyone.