Our Bizwize bookkeeper is extremely helpful and an asset to this company.

Ann Mackey

Laura at Bizwize came in when we were really struggling after having one bad bookkeeper after another.

Laura went over everything that we needed and then she appointed two women regular hours (three times a week) to best suit our business. Since Bizwize has come onboard I can safely say we are being looked after and nothing is getting swept under the rug.

Not only are the accounts side of things up to date but our appointed admin person also helps me with whatever I need. She was quick to learn our specific software system and takes over when I request leave which is extremely helpful and an asset to this company.

Bizwize has also implemented new and helpful systems such as remote account access so on the two days a week that they are not here if something is urgently needed this can be done off-site in a timely matter.

We are extremely happy with Bizwize and would highly recommend.